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Seasonal prices and offers for the Central Coast

It is important to keep your trees and shrubs healthy all year around. We make it easy with seasonal prices and offers. From great tree removal prices to bushfire protection, All Tree Solutions can offer what you need, when you need it.

Check the page often in order to see the best prices.

Bushfire protection

Always have your property prepared for Bushfires

As summer turns up the heat, we can help keep your home protected. One of the steps to reduce your risk of fire recommended by the NSW Rural Fire Service is to cut back trees and shrubs. 

Call us for a free quote protect your property today.

Autumn specials

Do you have a tree blocking your Autumn & Winter sun?” 

Then it’s Tree Pruning time. Thinning the canopy of a tree improves the amount of lights reaching the garden bed below. By thinning the canopy of a tree can also improve the amount of air and light that can reach the branches, which can aid the health and appearance of the tree line. If you need Tree Pruning, Canopy thinning or a Tree Removal this Autumn and Winter contact us now. 

Great firewood prices

We have great quality firewood (blue gum, blackbutt, ironbark and grey gum) for $200 per Ute load, approx. 1 & 1/2 cm3. 

Call us today and we will deliver right to your door.

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